Moving-in and moving-out cleaning

Moving in and out can be challenging tasks. Although housekeeping isn’t the most interesting part, it remains essential in both cases.

Imagine what your body could endure after making, undoing, and transporting the cartons from one place to another. You are not the type to leave the place in a deplorable state, but you lack the energy to clean every nook and cranny of the house. Do not panic, we can intervene and make the cleaning move for you. What are the advantages of entrusting us with the job?

Make places shine with fast and reliable cleaning during a move

Making an impeccable home after moving all your belongings is important, but you don’t necessarily have time to handle this task. Arlington White Glove Cleaners offers a punctual cleaning service to make the house or apartment that you are about to return well-cleaned and shining. Since the inventory is an integral part of a move, you might as well make a good impression. Vacuuming the dust that accumulated behind the furniture, cleaning the joints, cleaning the windows, shining the floors… Taking care of the maintenance of the premises is the best way to close your old life correctly. You will leave with a light mind, ready to face new challenges.

Cleaning for a move is not only about sweeping the rooms to clear the dirt; other tasks allow you to ensure the cleanliness of the living rooms. Our team does not just dust the premises; we use professional equipment to suck the dust that accumulates in every corner of the housing. Our housekeepers move the furniture to sanitize the surfaces and parts behind it. These areas are often left behind during a house cleaning. We polish all the joints to avoid leaving the slightest trace of dust. We also take care of the windows and floors to offer you a deep wash.

By hiring our team, you don’t have to bother about cleaning your house, hence focusing on other important tasks. The latter generates stress that you can eliminate with a single call. Our team gets underway the minute you hang up the phone. The housekeeping staff of our company comes to your home as soon as you have finished taking your belongings and the house is empty. Our house cleaner then carries out the big cleaning. We proceed piece by piece to make your premises clean and hygienic, just as you found it.

Sanitize the house through a personalized cleaning service during a move-in

Moving in is also a crucial yet time-consuming step, which doesn’t leave you much time for the cleaning. Going back and forth to carry cartons, dust during furniture assembly, and traces left on the ground can quickly make your home dirty. As with move-in and out cleaning, our team intervenes to guarantee cleanliness on the premises.

We carry out a punctual cleaning service adapted to your move-in projects. No need to lose more energy with cleaning after depositing your boxes, our cleaning specialists take care of it. A housekeeper or maid will come to your house to refurbish, according to your requirements, your rooms after you move in. Your new accommodation will be ready to welcome your loved ones if you plan to organize lunches or dinners with friends or family.

Breathing your interior is a priority to avoid inhaling particles that may have settled there before your arrival. Our team wash the surfaces and clean the furniture to clear the dirt and renew the air that circulates in each room. Your comfort of life as your health depends on it; we get the job done in record time. You can focus only on what really matters to you as soon as you arrive on the scene.

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