Commercial Cleaning Service

Arlington White Glove Cleaners offer the best commercial cleaning services in Arlington and nearby areas. Our cleaning experts intervene in the cleaning and maintenance of all types of professional premises: factory cleaning, shop cleaning, building cleaning, office cleaning, and more.

With several years of experience in the field, our experts can respond to specific cleaning requests in the most efficient manner. Whether it is a one-time cleaning or long-term collaboration, you will get the same level of commitment from our cleaning experts. We pay attention to every detail and use a qualitative approach while cleaning a commercial building.

Our cleaning knowledge, as well as our experience, allows us to offer you unparalleled results at the most affordable cost.

At Arlington White Glove Cleaners, we recognize that each company has different needs in commercial housekeeping or commercial cleaning that’s why our commercial cleaning company is always listening to your requirements and we will treat each of your requests with the utmost care to offer you affordable cleaning services for the office and the retail business.

Here are some advantages of doing business with Arlington White Glove Cleaners:

  • A service 7 days a week
  • Insurance coverage for the execution of the work
  • A team of seasoned cleaners with extensive experience in all aspects of cleaning.
  • Effective cleaning that is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Highly secure service

You can hire us for the following services:

  • Reception cleaning
  • Cleaning of the conference room
  • Floor cleaning
  • Window washing in the Reception
  • Cleaning of the sink and kitchen counters
  • Cleaning stains on cabinet doors and internal and external cleaning of microwave and other sophisticated kitchen appliances.
  • Polishing of the taps.
  • Washing of the sink, vanity, bowl, and floor.
  • Disinfection of telephone handsets
  • Cleaning of decorative accessories.
  • Cleaning of mirrors.
  • Disinfection of door handles
  • Dusting of vertical and horizontal surfaces of furniture.
  • Dusting of window bases, heaters, lamps, and frames.
  • Vacuum floors, rugs & carpet, stairs, office table, and chairs.
  • Empty the trash.
  • Dishwashing.
  • Cleaning of fingerprints and stains on doors, windows, switches, and frames.

We deliver our commercial cleaning services in a wide range of sectors, which include;

  • Store and Offices.
  • Buildings and Co-ownership.
  • Clinics: medical, dental, optometry, health clinics (spas).
  • Pharmacy.
  • Offices of lawyers, notaries, accountants, and others.
  • Child care centers and more.

The list is endless because we don’t hesitate to deliver our services in any commercial building. We have a team of dependable individuals who are always equipped with the most sophisticated and suitable tools required to clean any room, any surface, any object to perfection.

For more details about our commercial cleaning services, or to book an appointment with our team to discuss your cleaning project, you can call us today. We will be more than happy to assist you with your queries related to pricing, duration, damage liabilities, and more. We also offer several services to our clients such as apartment cleaning, deep cleaning & moving-in and moving-out cleaning. To get know more information about them just book us an appointment.