House Cleaner Application



    Work Experience

    Do you have professional paid cleaning experience?

    How many years of paid experience do you have?

    How many days per week are you able to work

    Are you able to work Sundays?

    Do you have any past References/Clients we can contact?

    Are you currently employed by a cleaning company as a maid or cleaner?

    Are you currently working as a independent contractor or subcontractor?

    Do you currently have paying customers for house cleaning?

    How many customers do you currently have?

    What experience do you have professionally cleaning? (Ex: I've worked for Maid Company X from 1/17 - 3/18 or I started my own cleaning company in 2005)

    Other Info

    Do you have a Cleaning partner?

    Which of the following do you have? Check all that apply.

    Do you have Business General Liability Insurance?

    Are you legally able to work in the U.S

    Are you able to submit to a background check?

    How did you hear about Maids 2 Match? (Optional)