About Us

We started our business from humble beginnings. We started cleaning our church and having getting many praises and request to clean. We started to help busy families in our congregation by referral only.

People appreciated our attention to detail, our ability to turn an old environment into a completely brand new one like you just moved in, and our superior VIP customer service.

Our cleaning business is a small but might black-owned, family-operated, and veteran-owned business. We pride ourselves on making sure you get a VIP experience each time we come to clean. We take extra pleasure in lowering your stress by giving you back 2 to 3+ hours back and leaving you feeling happy that you get to come home to a super clean space.

About The Business Owner

Hey ya’ll. My name is Bertrand but call me B since we are friends now. I started this business with my mother because we love to clean. Then I sold my family on beginning the business altogether.

My mother and I spent a lot of time building our relationship while cleaning our church. My mom is my best friend, and we talk about everything.

It is pretty unique to explain to my friends and new people when they hear my mom and I talk—ranging from sex, health, wealth, relationships, and everything in between.

This business is now a family business and a labor of love. We love the ability to bless and serve others with opportunities and give your clients a VIP cleaning experience.

Nothing compares to leaving you with a massive cheek-to-cheek smile because your house is spotless, smells so fresh, and you get to spend your time enjoying life instead of cleaning. Leave the cleaning to us.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly even cleaning your house soon. Call Arlington White Glove Cleaners now and let us give you a brand new VIP cleaning experience.

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